Day: May 13, 2018

Kahey Faqeer – 12 May 2018 – Allah ki Rah Me Kharch Karna

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KAHEY FAQEER An hour for spiritual education where our Speaker Sarfaraz A Shah will highlight the importance of Islamic teaching in our day to day life and how we can balance it. As these days our young generation is going so far from these teachings but in this hour we will give answers to thoseRead More

Seerat Un Nabi (S.A.W.W) – 12 May 2018 – Ghairat e imani

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SEERAT-UN-NABI S.A.W the words of Allah Ta’ala, the standard of his character and personality is far above that of any other creation. He possessed the best and noblest qualities of the perfect man and was like a jewel illuminating the dark environment with his radiant personality, ideal example and glorious mess

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