Achi Aur Buri Sohbat Ke Asraat – Latest Bayan 2022 #MuftiMuhammadSohailRazaAmjadi

Achi Aur Buri Sohbat Ke Asraat – Latest Bayan 2022 #MuftiMuhammadSohailRazaAmjadi

June 23, 2022 21 No Comments


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Achi Aur Buri Sohbat Ke Asraat | Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri
Quran Suniye Aur Sunaiye | Host: Mufti Suhail Raza Amjadi
#KhwajaMoinuddinChishti #AchiAurBuriSohbat #MuftiSuhailRazaAmjadi

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In this program Mufti Suhail Raza Amjadi teaches how the Quran is recited correctly along with word to word translation with their complete
meanings. Viewers can participate via live calls.

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